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Damage to Your Vehicle from a Car Accident

Insurance claim disputes are common following a car accident. Just as auto insurance companies are slow to fairly compensate accident victims for their injuries, they are equally likely to minimize, delay, or deny property damage claims.

Damage to your car or property following a car accident can become very costly. Allow us, the attorneys of David K. Sparr & Associates, S.C., to help you maximize your property damage claim. Contact our law firm today by calling 800-236-3836 or 920-236-3838 or 608-665-1896.

Car Accidents Resulting in Injury and Vehicle Damage

At the law office of David K. Sparr & Associates, S.C., we represent people who have been injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents. Besides helping clients seek compensation for their injuries, we also assist them in filing a property damage claim if damage to their vehicle occurred.

We have significant experience dealing with auto insurance companies in both bodily injury and collision damage claims. If you are a client of our personal injury practice, we can also help you with your property damage claim free of charge. This is just one way in which we can help you maximize your car accident settlement.

Contact Us for Help with Your Auto Insurance Claim

To learn how we can assist you with your auto insurance claim in addition to your personal injury claim, contact our law office today to speak to a lawyer. We take all premises liability cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don't get paid until we get money for you.

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