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Wisconsin DUI Injury Attorney

Despite decades of increased penalties and widespread public education, drunk driving remains a factor in nearly half of the fatal motor vehicle accidents that occur across Wisconsin. Each year, thousands of people are tragically killed or injured in accidents caused by people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Important, complex issues can arise in a drunk driving accident case. You may be pressured by insurance companies to make decisions when you are overwhelmed by pain, stress or grief. To work with a lawyer and professional team devoted to helping you recover all the compensation you deserve, please request a free consultation with our firm now.

Our firm offers two convenient office locations in Oshkosh and Madison to serve the needs of clients injured by a drunk driver.

Working All Angles on Your Car Accident Case

If you believe a driver involved in your car, truck or motorcycle crash was charged with DUI, OWI or another alcohol-related offense, you can depend on us to:

  • Investigate and confirm evidence documented in police reports and follow all developments in the criminal case
  • Determine all forms of applicable insurance coverage and step in to deal with all insurance negotiations on your behalf
  • Seek all monetary compensation available to help you deal with medical expenses, lost wages, long-term care and adaptive equipment, and other consequences including pain and suffering

Holding Insurers and Responsible Parties Accountable

Under Wisconsin law, alcohol-related crash victims can recover compensation not only for medical expenses and other accident costs, but also punitive damages meant to punish the intoxicated driver and deter any repeat offense. This potential for a sizable jury verdict is often strong incentive for an insurance company to settle your case fairly out of court.

Respected Madison and Oshkosh drunk driving accident lawyer Dave Sparr knows how to build your case for success, negotiate from strength and anticipate the opposition's strategies and tactics. He brings experience in Wisconsin criminal courts as well as our civil courts to bear on complex car accident cases. If your case calls for testimony by a physician or other experts, we maintain a strong statewide network of qualified resources.

Caring, compassionate and focused representation is a constant emphasis of our law practice. If the crash that changed your life caused the wrongful death of a family member, we have experience representing victims' estates. Please contact us today for the concern and advocacy you need. You will pay no attorney fees unless we represent you and you obtain a financial recovery.

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