Criminal Defense in Winnebago And Fond du Lac Counties, Wisconsin

Being charged with a crime is a frightening process. Your life could be affected in more ways than you realize if you are convicted of criminal activity. The lawyer you choose to defend you could have a huge impact on how your case is ultimately resolved.

The attorneys of David K. Sparr & Associates, S.C. have more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense. Contact our law firm today to find out how we can help you fight your charges and seek the best possible outcome.

Areas of Criminal Defense

At David K. Sparr & Associates, S.C., we defend people, through our Oshkosh office only, who are charged with a range of offenses:

Ordinance Violations

An ordinance violation can come from the city, county, or state level. An ordinance violation is not considered a criminal offense. However, most people facing charges are uncomfortable with the fact that an ordinance violation conviction will appear on their permanent record.

If you have been charged with an ordinance violation such as shoplifting, disorderly conduct, battery, reckless driving, speeding, OWI/DUI or underage drinking, speak to a criminal defense lawyer who can explain your defense options.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Contact the law firm of David K. Sparr & Associates, S.C., to schedule a free consultation. While our personal injury practice is statewide, we handle criminal defense cases in Winnebago County and Fond du Lac County only, as we feel it is vital to know your judges well, and to know the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutors on the other side.