Protecting The Claims Of Those Injured In Pedestrian Accidents

Madison is a pedestrian-friendly city that is enjoyed year-round by locals and college students alike. Unfortunately, it is also a city where unnecessary accidents happen due to carelessness and negligence by motorists, putting innocent walkers and bikers at risk for serious injury.

If have been injured in a pedestrian or bike accident in Madison, contact the law firm of David K. Sparr & Associates, S.C. We can help you seek compensation for your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Bike Accidents

With numerous bike trails and paths, Madison offers bicyclists ample opportunity to enjoy the city. However, Madison can also be a dangerous place for bikers, who share the road with careless drivers who disregard safety and common sense. If you have been hit by a car while biking, talk to a bike accident lawyer as soon as possible to explore your legal options.

David Sparr and members of his staff are avid road bikers, and are familiar with what bicycle riders have to contend with when using the road. Find out more about how we help clients injured in Wisconsin bicycle accidents.

Pedestrian Accidents

Heavy pedestrian traffic on the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus, and around the city mixed with careless vehicle drivers results in a large number of pedestrian accidents every year. Aggressive drivers make intersections and crosswalks dangerous places for walkers and joggers. The end result of many pedestrian accidents is serious head injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, and fatal injuries resulting in wrongful death.

Hit and Run Accidents

When a motorist hits a pedestrian or bicyclist and flees the scene of the accident, the injured party does have legal options. Often, a hit-and-run accident victim can seek compensation through his or her own uninsured / underinsured motorist policy. Speak with a lawyer from our firm to explore your options following a personal injury car accident.