The Steps You Need To Take After An Accident

There are accidents on Wisconsin roads every single day. Even the safest drivers can find themselves in someone else's wreck. If you have never been in an accident before, you may have questions about what you need to do to protect any potential claims you may have. We wanted to take a few moments to detail the steps you should take after an accident and what we can do to help you with your case.

See your doctor as soon as possible

If you require immediate medical attention, make sure that an ambulance is called to the accident location or head to the nearest emergency room. If your injuries are less severe or you feel like you are not injured at all, you should still make an appointment to see your doctor soon after the accident.

Some injuries can take time before they start to have a significant impact on your health. To recover compensation for these injuries, you need to be able to connect them to the crash. If significant time passes between the accident and your medical or chiropractic treatment, the opposing parties may try to demonstrate that the accident did not cause your condition, making it much more difficult to recover any costs incurred for treatment.

Collect information at the scene

If you are able to remain at the location of the crash, try to do as much as possible to document what happened. Gather the names and contact information of witnesses. Take photos of vehicle damage, as well as the road conditions at the time. If you notice any businesses with security cameras, check with them to see if they have any footage of the crash.

Reach out to an experienced law firm

The insurance companies have already started reviewing your case immediately upon hearing of the accident. They are sizing up your claim and determining what they need to do to settle your case for as little compensation as possible. They may begin contacting you soon after the crash to discuss possible settlement terms.

You should never make any decisions about your claim until you have talked to an experienced personal injury attorney. Your attorney can present you with a fair evaluation the compensation available to you and discuss the appropriate strategy to help you keep things moving forward in a positive direction. Without a lawyer on your side, you could make a mistake that severely undermines the potential compensation you would otherwise be entitled to receive.

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