Helping Those Injured Due To Dangerous Business Property

In Wisconsin, all property owners have some level of legal obligation to keep their property safe. Generally speaking, however, commercial property owners are held to a higher level of responsibility because they are governed by Wisconsin's Safe Place Law. This law essentially states that a business that "invites" people onto its premises must keep the premises as safe as reasonably possible for use by its customers.

Accomplished personal injury attorney Dave Sparr knows the Safe Place Law well. If you or a family member has been injured in a slip-and-fall, trip-and-fall, attack or other event on unsafe business property, you can consult free with our Oshkosh, Door County and Madison dangerous property lawyer about your legal options for recovering compensation.

Our firm offers two convenient office locations in Oshkosh and Madison to serve the needs of clients who were injured on commercial property.

Knowledge Across the Spectrum of Premises Liability Cases and Outcomes

We have handled many types of premises liability claims — arising from accidents on business property, residential rental property and government property. Our firm's knowledge and experience can be a tremendous asset for you after an injury-causing fall, dog bite, impact injury from falling objects or attack due to inadequate security. We are equipped to pursue:

  • Structural defect claims that may also involve building code violations, including unsafe stairways without handrails or other dangerous conditions
  • Negligence claims when a property owner breaches his or her duty to keep the premises safe for those on the premises lawfully — sometimes involving failure to clean up or mark a slippery area, negligent security in an area of known risk, or other factors

At David K. Sparr & Associates, S.C., we are prepared to hear you out, investigate what happened and offer sound legal guidance. You will receive compassionate personal attention and be treated with respect as we look at all possible sources of compensation to help you pay medical bills, replace lost income and achieve maximum recovery.

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If you believe your recent serious personal injury, or the injury or wrongful death of a family member, was caused by a property owner's failure to keep a store, restaurant or other place of business safe, please contact us now. Your initial consultation with our proven Oshkosh and Madison dangerous property lawyer will be free, and you will owe no attorney fees whatsoever unless we take your case and obtain financial compensation for you.