A strong defense strategy to drunk driving charges

Anyone who has been charged with drunk driving in Wisconsin will probably become immediately aware of the potential consequences if a conviction occurs. Those consequences, for first-time offenders, will usually include a term of probation supervision, fines and probably a requirement to attend substance abuse counseling. For those who have multiple convictions for drunk driving, the potential penalties become even more significant, potentially even including serious jail time.

These consequences mean that anyone facing DUI charges needs to consider all available defense strategy options. For some people, the best option might be to enter into a plea agreement and get the case behind them. For others, it may be possible to fight the charges all the way to a trial. The options will depend on the facts of any given case.

While these immediate concerns come up in DUI cases, our readers should know that there is another consequence they may not have thought about that could have a serious impact on their lives. This would be a driver’s license suspension. Fighting a driver’s license suspension could be a key part of the defense options our readers may need to consider.

At our law firm, we understand that Wisconsin residents who have been charged with a DUI want to explore all of the potential avenues to avoid a conviction, if possible. However, we also know that some people just want to get their legal problems behind them. We do our best to inform our clients of all of the potential options. For more information, please visit the DUI defense overview section of our law firm’s website. It is important to gain a full understand of your situation and explore your rights when it comes to asserting a defense.