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When you need a Wisconsin attorney, no one needs to tell you that things are serious. In crucial times like these, you need to be sure that the representation you choose for you and your family truly has your best interests in mind.

Here at Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, our lawyers treat you like family, and offer you the respect you deserve, regardless of whatever situation you find yourself in.

Our team has extensive experience in personal injury, family law and criminal defense. We take the time to understand your unique case and develop a custom-tailored strategy to earn you your best possible outcome in your case. Learn more about our attorneys by clicking on the links below.

Attorney David K. Sparr
David K. Sparr

David K. Sparr

Practice area

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you have the right to an attorney – and your choice of matters.

Personal Injury

At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, we provide the compassionate advocacy our clients need after a life-changing crash.

Family Law

When your relationship with your children is at stake, it can be impossible to set aside your emotions. In divorce or any legal battle

What Makes Our Firm Right For You

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It is not enough to have an attorney who simply knows the law, they should also have sufficient experience to put it into practice. Our lawyers have comprehensive experience in negotiation, mediation and litigation. It is always our goal to settle things outside of court if possible. But when things get rough, you need an attorney whom you can trust to represent the needs of you and your family in the court of law, while also keeping a cool head about things.

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While we also fight to represent your needs, we work closely with you to keep you in the loop about everything. You won’t experience a moment where you are feeling in the dark about where your case is going or how things are looking. We keep you up to date at every step of your case and also make sure you understand exactly what is happening, with no sugar coating.

Your Best Foot Forward

The best piece of legal advice that a non-attorney can offer you is to get an attorney. The sooner you contact us to represent you the better the outcome of your case. If you need a tough Wisconsin attorney, contact us today.

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