Are you ready for a consultation with a personal injury attorney?

If you have suffered serious injuries in a Wisconsin car crash, your life may have changed forever. Your injuries could have lasting impacts, including physically or financially, that affect your day-to-day life. Because you did not cause the incident that resulted in your injuries, you are considering filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault.

Taking civil legal action after a serious car crash is not unusual. Of course, if you have never needed to take such steps before, you may understandably feel anxious about the idea of starting such a serious process. As a result, you may want to know more about what to expect when meeting with an attorney.

Attorneys work for you

First, you will want to remember that your personal injury attorney works for you and should keep your best interests in mind. However, it is also important to know that the first attorney you approach may not be suited to your case. That could be because you do not feel as if you could form a strong professional connection with the candidate or he or she may simply have too many cases already. In the latter case, your first candidate could refer you to another attorney.


To determine whether you feel comfortable with an attorney and whether the attorney feels comfortable taking your case, you will usually start with a consultation about your situation. You may need to provide a great deal of information about the crash itself, the injuries you suffered, the medical treatment you received, the damage to your vehicle and much more. Certainly, relieving the incident and its aftermath can seem overwhelming, but the information is necessary.

To make the situation easier on yourself and your prospective attorney, it may help for you to gather information relating to the mentioned topics beforehand. Documents like the police report, your medical records, insurance policy information, contact information for the other driver involved, contact information for any witnesses and photographs from the scene could all be useful at a first meeting.

Moving forward

If both you and the attorney feel comfortable moving forward, the legal professional will likely inform you what your next steps are, which could include additional information gathering. Having legal support during this trying time may allow you to feel more comfortable and confident as your case proceeds.