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Understanding field sobriety tests

As is the case anywhere else in the country, Wisconsin law enforcement officers use field sobriety tests as a tool to help determine whether a driver is impaired while driving.

"Failing" these tests supposedly provides the officer with the probable cause needed in order to make an arrest for suspicion of drunk driving. You may wonder what the tests are and what officers are looking for during the testing. Below is a quick explanation that may provide you with useful information should you ever be pulled over and accused of drunk driving.

Is a settlement a good option for a car accident victim?

Not every lawsuit that is filed over personal injuries stemming from car accidents goes to court. Many cases are settled before they ever find themselves in front of judges. The settlement process is one option that victims of Wisconsin car accidents may pursue but readers are cautioned that settlement may not always be the best option. Those who have pending personal injury claims based on vehicle collisions may wish to speak with their attorneys before agreeing to settle their claims.

Reasons that truck accidents occur

Large trucks and other commercial vehicles play an important role in the movement of goods through Wisconsin's stream of commerce. They are often seen charging down the highways and interstates of the region, loaded down with the products that individuals want and need in their homes. In fact, they are so common throughout the nation that many drivers may fail to realize just how dangerous these massive vehicles can be.

Facing drunk driving charges in Wisconsin

The week of the Fourth of July is often one of the busiest travel periods of the calendar year. Wisconsin residents may notice that more people are on the roads and that they are hauling boats, campers and other recreational cargos to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. With all of the extra people and all of the celebrations happening throughout Wisconsin, law enforcement officials will be out in full force to regulate and stop alleged dangerous drivers.

Wisconsin man dies in motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are often dangerous and life-threatening events, because motorcycles provide very little in the way of protection for the riders who use them to get around. When a motorcyclist is involved in a collision with another larger vehicle, it is not uncommon for the motorcyclist to be hurt or to lose their life.

Should I talk to the insurance company after a crash?

Regardless of the severity of a motor vehicle accident, the time following a crash is usually overwhelming and confusing. Unfortunately, insurance companies know this. Many try to move in quickly for statements or settlements, hoping to catch you and other Wisconsin victims off guard.

You can mitigate the insurance company's efforts to lowball your settlement by taking measured steps after your accident. In many cases, careful documentation can help sway things in your direction.

Traumatic brain injuries are a risk in motorcycle accidents

Many Wisconsin residents choose to commute by motorcycle because they enjoy the freedom that two-wheeled vehicles provide. Motorcycles are an efficient way to get from place to place and when vehicle drivers utilize safe practices on the roads motorcyclists can avoid becoming victims of automobile crashes.

What is a wrongful death?

Accidents on Wisconsin roads and highways often result in minor injuries and damage to the parties' personal property. However, some accidents are so horrendous that they claim the lives of the victims involved in the crashes. When a person dies in an auto accident and the cause is the conduct of another party, the loved ones of the deceased party may have a legal claim for their wrongful death.

Negligence is often the basis of an accident-based wrongful death claim. If a person dies in an accident a court will examine if the other party or parties acted negligently. Negligence involves a breach in the duty of care that individuals owe to each other to act reasonably given their circumstances.

Number one cause of teen deaths: Distracted driving

The number one cause of death of American teens is not shootings, suicides or disease. At the top of the list is distracted driving, says the education and outreach coordinator for Impact Teen Drivers. Heidi Deane says that drunk driving fatalities among teenagers has actually been on the decline, reckless and distracted driving has been on the rise.

“Thirty-seven percent of your brain is gone when you are dealing with a device,” she recently told a gathering of high school students. “Studies have shown that drivers do not perceive the time or the distance it took them to travel the length of a football field while distracted.”

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