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Is last year's motorcycle injury still bothering you?

Spring is officially here on the calendar, but it's not motorcycle season quite yet in Wisconsin. However, some may be still carrying around the ramifications of last year's motorcycle accident injury. What you may have initially thought was nothing, may still be lingering in terms of injury and an inability to live your normal life. It's not too late to take action if you were the victim in a motorcycle accident.

This spring may look completely different compared to last spring if you were involved in a motorcycle accident last summer. Maybe you thought a few cuts and bruises were no big deal, but have been dealing with chronic back pain since the incident. Maybe a simple fender bender caused you to have chronic headaches after the fact. Whatever the situation, you have the right to seek damages after suffering motorcycle accident injury.

The aftermath of the 131 vehicle pile-up on Interstate 41

Spring is officially here, and Wisconsin residents couldn't be gladder. However, don't let the calendar deceive you. In our neck of the woods, sudden winter storms can hit - even in spring. The most recent blizzard left 131 vehicles piled up on Interstate 41, near Oshkosh. Sadly, one man was killed in the wreck, with several dozen others injured.

Those involved in the car crash report being in several collisions in the span of several minutes while the accidents unfolded. It's been called the largest traffic crash in state history. Determining the sequence of events will take time, but weather was a huge factor. White out, blizzard like conditions turned visibility to nothing, leaving people with no time to foresee the stopped vehicles in front of them.

Did a passing driver cause an accident that led to your injury?

You may understandably have fears about dangerous and reckless drivers on Wisconsin roads. Many people have these fears because far too many accidents take place every day, and those incidents often lead to serious or even fatal injuries to individuals involved.

You certainly do not want to find yourself in such an event, but you also cannot control the actions of other people. Unfortunately, some drivers may have a disregard for safety, the law and the well-being of themselves and others while they are behind the wheel. In some cases, these careless drivers may even pass or attempt to pass another vehicle when it is illegal or dangerous to do so.

How multiple OWI offenses are viewed by the court

Whether the allegations you or a loved one face for OWI are days apart or decades apart, being accused of OWI more than once changes the process. This is because, if your OWI is tried, a second-time offender is viewed differently for lots of crime allegations, including OWI. Factors related the first OWI offense and the circumstances surrounding the second could have a big impact as well.

Mostly, in how serious the allegations are that one will face. If a person was convicted one or more OWIs previously if convicted again, the person will likely face stiffer penalties. Most notable is the potential for jail time, large fines, license revocation and other potential penalties if convicted. Under Wisconsin state law, if the OWIs were less than 10 years apart, included other's bodily harm and other factors, it can up the potential for consequences. Also, once a person passes their third OWI offense, the legal limit for that particular OWI offender changes from .08 to .02 for the sobriety threshold.

Could wrongful death be alleged in loved one's fatal accident?

The people closest to us in our lives, are generally the hardest to lose. That's why when a loved one suffers and unexpected death, it can be really traumatic and a stressful time for the loved ones left behind. Beyond the loss of the person you care about, there are often many questions surrounding the circumstances of the person's death. If they died in a fatal accident, you may be wondering how your loved one died and if it was due to another's negligence.

There are many manners in which a person could be involved in a fatal accident. Fatal car accidents and truck accidents happen every day. Also, accidents at work can coast a person their life. Beyond that, medical malpractice or other accidents can happen and can cause fatal injury. The circumstances surrounding these issues can vary greatly, as one can imagine.

Local deputies warn motorists to slow down

With severe winter weather conditions sweeping across the upper Midwest, Oshkosh is not excluded from the winter weather storms and dangerous driving conditions. Nearby deputies in Fond Du Lac County have reported dozens of car accidents over the last several weeks of storm systems. Many are attributed to winter weather conditions, like snow, poor visibility and excessive speed for the driving conditions. This is a big reason why drivers are cautioned to slow down.

The most recent series of winter storms in the region, some are calling the "Polar Vortex" has affected hundreds across the region with record low temperatures, hazardous driving conditions and school closures among other winter weather advisories. Snow covered roads give way to ice underneath, which can easily cause car crashes and the injuries that are often attributed to them. Winter driving conditions do not take the duty of care out of the hands of the driver.

First-time Wisconsin OWI may not be a crime

Our state is known for having a different way of doing things, legislatively, than nearby states, like Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan. One of those things is the way that the first time offense of OWI is categorized and handled. If charged with OWI for the first time, it might not be prosecuted as a crime.

Rather, a first-time OWI violation is handled more similarly to a traffic ticket, also known as a civil violation. There are still potential unwanted consequences from a first-time OWI charge, if convicted. Although, "convicted" may be the wrong word, seeming as it is a civil violation. In addition, if an alleged OWI incident was particularly egregious, like involving the, reckless driving or injury of another in a car accident, it could easily be handled in criminal court.

Winter weather conditions easily lead to serious accidents

Driving during the winter season until early spring can pose a number of hazards for people on the roads. Though you may consider yourself a good driver, a sudden change in weather conditions, or already existing conditions, could easily put even the best driver to the test. Getting to your destination safely is undoubtedly your goal and a shared goal of others who are traveling the roadways.

Unfortunately, a substantial number of accidents take place every year due to weather-related conditions, especially those related to winter weather. Because of the greater risk, you certainly want to make sure that you take precautions while on the road and watch out for other drivers who may not accommodate the conditions.

What could be the underlying cause of your truck accident injury?

Finding answers to tough questions in uncharted territory can be scary and intimidating. However, finding those answers can be very rewarding and worth the trouble. Same can be said of seeking answers when you or a loved one has suffered a truck accident injury. These truck accidents can happen in the blink of an eye but have lasting repercussions that can last a lifetime.

So since we can't go back in time, all we can do is focus on the present and the future. Presently, finding if fault or negligence was a factor in yours or a loved one's truck accident injury can determine how you move forward. Seeking damages due to negligence can impact how a person's next 10, 20 or thirty years look. Financial damages seek to balance out the wrongs and suffering a person has suffered due to negligence.

Don't disregard your summer motorcycle accident injury

There may be a layer of snow on the ground, and your bike may have been retired for the season, but that doesn't mean that you aren't still affected by a motorcycle accident injury you sustained last summer. In many instances, passenger vehicles can be the negligent factor in causing those injuries. Whether a passenger vehicle failed to yield, ran a red light or merged without looking carefully, motorcyclist injuries can often be attributed to another's negligence.

To figure out if your motorcycle accident injury from last summer is relevant in this way, you can do a full investigation to determine the potential for negligence. The police should have done some of the leg work for you in this regard, so it can be helpful to check their report. Also, injuries from the motorcycle accident may have been more persistent or prevalent than you immediately thought. Now that you know the full impact of your injuries from last summer, you know what damages to seek.

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