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Multiple large vehicles involved in truck accident in Wisconsin

Many trucking accidents that occur in Wisconsin involve a large truck hitting a passenger vehicle. However, sometimes these accidents involve multiple large trucks, which seem to have been the case in a multi-vehicle accident that occurred in Washington County recently.

According to the reports, the series of collisions occurred on Interstate 41 near a construction area. It appears that the incident began as a semi-truck and a box truck slowed down as the vehicles approached the construction area.

Legal options after a serious motorcycle accident

With the winter months setting in, there are going to be fewer motorcycles on the roadways in Wisconsin. That will make things easier for other drivers on the road, because other motorists oftentimes do not pay attention to motorcycles or simply do not see the smaller vehicles.

The negligence of other drivers is one of the primary causes of serious motorcycle accidents.

The effects of a TBI can show up much later

Many incidents can result in people suffering serious injuries without them immediately realizing it. If you suffered injuries in a car accident, the adrenaline you feel could mask any pain or other symptoms that could point to a severe injury. It is not uncommon for injuries to show symptoms days or even weeks after an incident occurred.

Because there is a chance that you could have suffered severe injuries without fully realizing it, it is always a smart idea to seek medical attention after a car accident. Even if you do not feel unwell, inform any emergency room staff or your primary care doctor of what you experienced in the crash. For instance, if you hit your head, it is important to tell the doctor, even if your head does not hurt at the moment.

Settlement as an option in wrongful death cases

Cases involving the death of a loved one are some of the most emotional types of legal cases that are pending at any given time in Wisconsin. After all, the very basics of such a wrongful death claim can be damning: the victims are contending that the defendant caused the untimely death of a loved one due to some negligent or reckless action that, but for occurring, would not have led to the death in question. As emotions run high in these types of cases, it is still important for the parties involved to consider their options from a legal perspective. In many cases, that will mean, at some point, a discussion about whether or not to settle the case out of court.

Many of our readers in Wisconsin know that the vast majority of civil lawsuits are settled, as opposed to going all the way to a trial. Sometimes the parties simply do not want to rely upon the perceived unpredictability of juries and, instead, they believe the best opportunity to either maximize the amount of compensation, from the plaintiff's perspective, or limit the amount that must be paid, from a defendant's perspective, is to engage in out of court settlement negotiations.

What are some common causes of truck accidents?

Large trucks, such as semi-trucks and delivery trucks, are a common sight on the roads throughout America, including Wisconsin. Unfortunately, that also means that truck accidents are common as well.

The difference between truck accidents and accidents that involve only passenger vehicles is that, although the risk of injury exists in both, the risk of severe injuries and even fatalities can be much higher in truck accidents. The reason is probably obvious to our readers: the sheer size of large trucks means that the damage that results from a collision with these types of vehicles can be devastating.

Pursuing legal options after a car accident in Wisconsin

It is quite common for most people to call a collision between two vehicles an "accident." However, the reality is that most "accidents" are actually caused due to another person's negligent or reckless conduct. Whether it is speeding, drunk driving or some form of distracted driving, negligent and reckless conduct is the cause of thousands of injuries and deaths in America each year.

Fortunately, anyone who has been injured in a car "accident" in Wisconsin may be able to pursue legal options. In a personal injury lawsuit based on a car accident, the victim will first need to show that a "duty" existed between the drivers involved in the wreck. That is fairly simple, as every driver has a duty to all others on the road to operate their vehicles in a safe and appropriate manner. Once it is established that a duty existed, the victim must prove the defendant's "breach" of that duty. That would be the alleged negligent or reckless conduct, such as proving that the defendant was speeding or using a cellphone and was distracted behind the wheel, for example.

A strong defense strategy to drunk driving charges

Anyone who has been charged with drunk driving in Wisconsin will probably become immediately aware of the potential consequences if a conviction occurs. Those consequences, for first-time offenders, will usually include a term of probation supervision, fines and probably a requirement to attend substance abuse counseling. For those who have multiple convictions for drunk driving, the potential penalties become even more significant, potentially even including serious jail time.

These consequences mean that anyone facing DUI charges needs to consider all available defense strategy options. For some people, the best option might be to enter into a plea agreement and get the case behind them. For others, it may be possible to fight the charges all the way to a trial. The options will depend on the facts of any given case.

Are you ready for a consultation with a personal injury attorney?

If you have suffered serious injuries in a Wisconsin car accident, your life may have changed forever. Your injuries could have lasting impacts, including physically or financially, that affect your day-to-day life. Because you did not cause the incident that resulted in your injuries, you are considering filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault.

Taking civil legal action after a serious car crash is not unusual. Of course, if you have never needed to take such steps before, you may understandably feel anxious about the idea of starting such a serious process. As a result, you may want to know more about what to expect when meeting with an attorney.

What do you need to know about wrongful death cases?

Losing a loved one to a sudden and unexpected accident can be devastating for a family in Wisconsin. But, the sad reality is that car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents cause thousands of deaths in America each year, including many in Wisconsin. In many cases, families are left behind with not just emotional distress but also mounting financial problems due to their loved one's death. In some of these types of incidents, a wrongful death claim may be an option.

So, what do our readers in Wisconsin need to know about wrongful death claims? Well, for starters, it is important to understand that these types of claims are brought forward in circumstances in which another party was responsible for the decedent's death in some manner. For example, in a car accident case, the death may have been caused because the other driver was distracted or drunk behind the wheel. The law enforcement investigation of fatal accidents can provide crucial details about how an accident may have occurred.

When you know danger, avoid it - that includes distracted driving

By now, most of our readers in Wisconsin know how dangerous distracted driving can be. In fact, this national plague on our roads has seemingly only been getting worse. A recent news article noted that, since 2000, an estimated 624,000 people have died in fatal traffic accidents in America. Many of these deaths were caused by distracted driving.

As we all know, the primary distraction for drivers is the ever-present smartphone. These days, cellphones are essentially mini computers that are capable of doing much more than just placing and receiving calls. Drivers are distracted by the ability to text, send emails and even look at the Internet while driving. Distracted drivers may miss important road signs, speed or swerve in their lanes. Any number of issues can occur when drivers take their eyes off of the road and attention away from the task of driving, even for a few seconds.

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