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All about OWI charges in Wisconsin

Everybody knows about drunk driving and intoxicated driving. This includes the potential impacts it can have and the fact that it's illegal. However, many charged with OWI didn't realize they were over the legal limit, or that their actions would be considered breaking the law. However, ignorance is not a valid defense to OWI.

So, how does one move forward after being charged with drunk driving? Many charged with this crime are worried about the potential ramifications that a conviction for OWI could have on them and their family. Being over the legal limit in Wisconsin means that one's BAC was greater than .08. However, if a person fails a sobriety test, they could be charged with OWI, regardless of their BAC level.

Where do Breathalyzers come from and how do they work?

Did you know that a former police officer turned college professor invented the first breath-testing machine? Dr. Robert Borkenstein, the accepted father of the Breathalyzer, wanted to find a way for law enforcement officials to determine whether someone had enough alcohol in his or her system to be drunk without a blood sample. That was in 1954.

His non-invasive device changed the way that the law enforcement community determines intoxication. Companies have made changes to the devices over the years in an attempt to make them more accurate, but they are still plagued with the same issues. The machines capture air from the bottom of your lungs so as not to confuse the breath in your mouth, which may have alcohol in it, with the breath coming from within your body.

Loved one's wrongful death in truck accident could be compensable

Many people's worst nightmare is the thought of losing a loved one unexpectedly. For some, this nightmare turns into a harsh reality when their loved one is killed in a truck accident. These things are rarely foreseeable and are completely unexpected. So where does a family go from here when they lose a key person in their family unit?

In the first few days after an accident, much time is focused on the family, grieving and funeral arrangements. Once this has been completed, it's a matter of picking up the pieces and trying to find some semblance in a family's new reality. Once the details of the truck accident have been released, one may notice that something doesn't feel right about the truck accident. It could point to negligence on behalf of the truck driver, truck company or other related third party.

Four dead after fatal highway pedestrian crash

A recent Wisconsin vehicle accident has made national headlines for the tragic outcome it included. Several young girls associated with the Girl Scouts and an adult were picking up garbage in a highway ditch near Lake Hallie when a pick-up truck left the road and collided with them. Three of the youths and the adult were killed in the collision and one child is still fighting for her life.

What is the purpose of hours of service regulations?

Just like drivers of small personal vehicles, drivers of large trucks and semis get tired when they have been operating their rigs for too long. Wisconsin residents may have seen rows of big rigs lined up along the highway or at road stops when the night sets in and many are too exhausted to keep on rolling along. Truck drivers need their rest so that they can stay safe while operating their vehicles, and their rest periods are mandated by federal regulations.

Receive a traffic ticket in Wisconsin? You may want to fight it

Many Wisconsin residents have received tickets for moving violations. A traffic ticket may not seem like a big deal, but it can be -- particularly if you end up with more than one on your record over time.

If you've received a traffic ticket, you may be tempted to just pay your fines and accept whatever other penalties may be thrown at you so that you can move on with your life. That route certainly seems like the easy thing to do. Here are a few reasons why fighting may actually be better for you.

Sobering statistics on motorcycle collisions

An accident involving any type of vehicle can be a tragic and deadly event. From large trucks to small sedans, all types of automobiles can be significantly damaged and cause grave injuries to those Wisconsin residents who are inside of them. Riders of motorcycles, though, seem to suffer harm at the hands of other drivers at a higher rate than other types of motorists.

What kinds of injuries can car accident victims sustain?

The forces that are involved in an automobile collision can be incredibly strong and very damaging. When two vehicles collide on a Wisconsin road, the intensity of the crash can be compounded by the vehicles' speeds and trajectories. Vehicles are often destroyed in collisions, and the forces that tear apart metal and glass can also inflict serious injuries on the drivers and passengers who are inside of the demolished automobiles.

Preventing trucking accidents through regulations

Hours of service regulations apply to certain truck and commercial vehicle drivers. These regulations are in place to prevent exhausted drivers from getting behind the wheels of their rigs and putting themselves and others in harm's way through their exhausted operating actions. Wisconsin residents have suffered harm when tired truck drivers allow their rigs to swerve between lanes, failed to stop in time before causing collisions and engaged in other dangerous driving practices.

Boat accident on Lake Winnebago leaves two dead

It is not uncommon for two vehicles to collide on the roads in and around Oshkosh, but recently two boats suffered a damaging collision when they struck each other on Law Winnebago. The incident occurred in the evening around 8:30 and involved a 20-foot boat and a 26-foot boat.

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