Boat crash on Lake Winnebago leaves two dead

It is not uncommon for two vehicles to collide on the roads in and around Oshkosh, but recently two boats suffered a damaging collision when they struck each other on Law Winnebago. The incident occurred in the evening around 8:30 and involved a 20-foot boat and a 26-foot boat.

It is unknown how fast the boats were traveling when they hit but, as a result of the collision, two women were ejected from the 20-foot boat. It took rescue crews close to a full day to find their bodies, and while their identities have not been made public law enforcement officials have released their ages of 20 and 26-years-old.

All of the other individuals involved in the crash were treated for injuries. Two additional passengers on the 20-foot boat were taken to a local hospital and two individuals from the 26-foot boat were treated for injuries at the scene of the crash. A dog was also killed in the boat collision.

As investigators sort out how this tragedy occurred, they may discover if negligence was involved in the crash. Just as car crash victims can seek their damages from the parties who cause their losses, victims of boat crashes and other recreational incidents can sue for the recovery of the losses they sustain at the hands of other people.

The families of the two women who lost their lives in this incident may have the right to seek their losses through litigation based on the women’s wrongful deaths. Wrongful death lawsuits are available to individuals who lose family members in negligence-based incidents and who meet other requirements for filing such claims.