Charges filed months after cyclist’s death

When it comes to car and truck-related fatalities, sometimes, the initial situation isn’t what it appears. This is true for the family of a Wisconsin woman who was struck and killed by a linen truck crash while out for a 60 mile bike ride in the afternoon in summer of 2017. In somewhat of a delayed timespan, the driver of that truck has been charged with criminal charges in relation to her death.

It’s interesting the initial report after the cyclist’s death reported that impairment wasn’t thought to be a factor. The investigation handled by local authorities had unfortunately moved the location of the body, her bicycle, and it was unclear where the vehicle impacted the bicyclist on the road, although they knew it was at the intersection. The investigation was blown open when upon a blood sample, a controlled substance, Clonazepam, what found in the driver’s blood test.

The charge filed last month carries penalties of up to $100,000, 25 years in prison, or both if convicted. The accused has since pled not guilty. A crash reconstruction was later conducted by Wisconsin State Patrol in which it was determined that speed or other careless acts may have led to the cyclist’s death. Speed could have been in excess of 70 MPH according to the crash reconstruction, in a posted 55MPH zone.

If convicted, it could bode for a personal injury and wrongful death suit the woman’s family may file. Her death was a loss to those that loved her, and she was taken too soon. Whether the truck driver will do time is currently under review.