Consider all your options after a truck crash

Semi-trucks are a common sight in Oshkosh and all over Wisconsin. However, driving near a semi-truck can be a white-knuckle experience for some. This is because, no matter how carefully one drives, a distracted, drowsy, inexperienced or intoxicated trucker could slam into their vehicle. And, given the sheer size disparity between a semi-truck and a standard automobile, an crash between the two could cause substantial damage, injuries or even fatalities.

When a person is in a trucking crash, they may be offered an insurance settlement. But, these settlements often are not enough to fully compensate the truck crash victim for all the harms they suffered. Moreover, these settlements may not be enough for victims to feel like the responsible parties were sufficiently held accountable and justice has been done. Sometimes, to obtain enough compensation and obtain a sense of closure, it makes sense to file a lawsuit following a trucking crash.

At David K. Sparr & Associates, S.C., we encourage our clients to think carefully before accepting an insurance settlement. If our client wants to litigate the matter, we will represent them every step of the way. Having a legal advocate can be essential to reaching a fair and appropriate outcome in a truck crash case.

Ultimately, semi-trucks should be used in the transportation of goods — they should not be considered a deadly threat. Unfortunately, trucking crashes occur far too often. Crashes that can change a victim’s life forever. The trucking crash section of our website can provide readers with more information on how we handle truck crash cases.