Did a passing driver cause an crash that led to your injury?

You may understandably have fears about dangerous and reckless drivers on Wisconsin roads. Many people have these fears because far too many crashes take place every day, and those incidents often lead to serious or even fatal injuries to the individuals involved.

You certainly do not want to find yourself in such an event, but you also cannot control the actions of other people. Unfortunately, some drivers may have a disregard for safety, the law and the well-being of themselves and others while they are behind the wheel. In some cases, these careless drivers may even pass or attempt to pass another vehicle when it is illegal or dangerous to do so.

Dangerous passing

Even if certain areas are not specifically marked as no-passing zones, it could still be too dangerous for a driver to attempt to pass. In some cases, it may even constitute reckless driving. For instance, if a driver tries to pass another vehicle while coming to the top of a hill or while traveling through a curve, that maneuver is substantially dangerous because the passing driver has a limited line of sight. As a result, another vehicle could be approaching, and the passing driver could cause a serious head-on collision.

It is also dangerous for a driver to attempt to pass more than one vehicle. Sometimes, a slow-moving vehicle may cause a line of traffic to build up behind it, but a driver should never attempt to pass multiple vehicles. This action is dangerous because the passing driver may not have time to get back into the correct lane before an oncoming vehicle approaches, and for other reasons.

Illegal passing

Roadway markers typically work to indicate when it is legal to pass. The lines on the road are one indicator, as a double yellow line means that drivers in either lane cannot pass. If a line is solid yellow on one side, it means drivers on that side cannot pass. Of course, painted lines do not physically stop drivers from crossing, and an individual may pass in an illegal zone regardless.

Unfortunately, due to these reckless actions, you may have suffered serious injuries after the driver of a passing vehicle caused a crash that involved you. If so, you may wonder about your options for seeking compensation from the driver considered at fault. You may have the ability to file a personal injury claim for this purpose, and gaining information from local legal resources regarding this avenue may prove useful to you.