Everyone has a role in reducing motorcycle crash rates

Collisions involving motorcycles result in some of the most catastrophic injuries on Wisconsin’s roads. Motorcyclists tend to be at an increased risk of injury or death due to the high levels of exposure and added risk factors associated with riding these two or three-wheeled vehicles.

Motorcyclists and their passengers know the increased dangers that come with riding these vehicles and they need to take extra precautions. That said, everyone on the road can help reduce the frequency of motorcycle crashes through a few quick and simple steps.

Reminders for all drivers

Of course, motorcyclists should be using added safety precautions. However, it is not solely up to them to consider the safety of motorcyclists on the road. Cars and trucks are some of the most dangerous factors on the roads when it comes to motorcycle safety. Drivers can take a few simple yet vital precautions of their own to help reduce the likelihood of devastating crashes with two and three-wheeled vehicles.

A few key reminders include:

  • Give motorcyclists the same amount of room as you would give to another car. This includes giving them a full traffic lane to operate, not crowding into one lane width alongside a motorcycle.
  • Additionally, follow far enough behind a motorcycle to give yourself ample space and time to stop when needed. Following too close can result in less reaction time and cause a rear-end crash with a motorcyclist.
  • Always take another look at a blind spot before moving from one lane to another or making a turn across traffic. One look may not be enough to spot a smaller vehicle, so take the added time to check again before moving.
  • When changing lanes or turning across traffic, use a turn signal blinker and let it run for a few seconds before actually moving. Give others enough time to see the signal and make an appropriate move before crossing traffic lanes.

These are just a few key reminders for drivers to note while on the roads. It’s important to remember that motorcyclists are your fellow travelers and their safety is a priority. Take the little extra time and care to watch for them on the roads.

Risks in Wisconsin

On average, Wisconsin sees more than 2,200 motorcycle crashes per year with more approximately 80-90 percent resulting in injuries or death according to the state’s Department of Transportation. Reducing this rate is the job of everyone on the roads.

Motorcycle crashes often result in some of the most devastating injuries on the road each year. Consider the added dangers these fellow travelers face next time you’re driving down the road. Everyone can help increase motorcycle safety by considering a few key reminders while driving in Wisconsin.