Fatal car crash under investigation in Wisconsin

There are certain things that safe drivers do whenever they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, even those who always avoid distractions while driving and follow all traffic laws may not be able to avoid the negligent actions of others. In fact, Wisconsin police are still investigating a car crash that resulted in a fatality.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in April. According to reports, the now-deceased 62-year-old victim was headed south on a Wisconsin highway. Meanwhile, a 49-year-old man was driving a tractor-trailer westbound, hauling packages for the U.S. Post Office through a private company.

Reports indicate that the driver of the tractor-trailer failed to stop at a stop sign, causing it to collide with the southbound vehicle’s driver door. The southbound driver died at the scene of the crash. It is unclear if criminal charges are expected to be filed, but the incident reportedly remains under investigation.

Unfortunately, the fatal car crash has left a family in Wisconsin facing the unexpected loss of their family member. While the emotional implications of such a loss are often clear, many people are also overwhelmed by the financial consequences. Few families are prepared for the combined burdens of lost wages and funeral expenses. As such, many who have lost a loved one as a result of another’s negligence choose to seek recompense by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the party deemed responsible. In a case such as this, an experienced professional can help identify all parties who may hold responsibility — likely including the employer of the tractor-trailer driver.