Fatal motor vehicle accident occurs in Racine County

Winter weather has always been a factor in car accidents that occur in Wisconsin, and that is never going to change. But, no matter how well Wisconsin residents learn to drive in bad weather, each year fatal car accidents occur during the winter months.

For example, a recent news report detailed a head-on collision that occurred in Racine County on February 9. The reports indicate that two vehicles were involved in the wreck and that weather likely played a role. Apparently, the collision occurred during the afternoon hours on that date when a driver in a vehicle traveling east on Highway 20 reportedly lost control and slammed into a vehicle traveling west. There were 10 people in just these two vehicles, which means emergency responders had their hands full when they reported to the scene of the accident. The reports indicate that three of the people involved in the wreck had to be extricated from the vehicles.

According to the reports, one person died in the immediate aftermath of the collision. Several others suffered injuries which required hospitalization. Law enforcement officials are conducting an investigation of the collision to determine how the driver who lost control of the vehicle caused this accident.

Fatal accidents occur so often in Wisconsin and throughout the country that news reports about these events seem commonplace. However, even though these events are called “accidents,” there is usually a party responsible for causing the event. Wisconsin residents who have been injured in a car accident may have personal injury legal options to consider.