Hard Truths About Divorce

One of the things we take pride in as a law firm is our commitment to telling our clients what they need to hear – whether they want to hear it or not.

There is a cloud of misinformation surrounding family law issues like divorce, child custody and child support. This may be due to the fact that jurisdictional issues are at play or the fact that people mistake a friend or loved one’s anecdote as a legal precedent. Whatever the reason, we frequently have to tell our clients some hard truths about family law and how it pertains to their legal issue.

You Won’t Get Full Custody

We get it. You are upset, you have doubts about you ex’s parenting ability and you truly believe that your children would be best off under your supervision 100% of the time. The law sees things differently. Even in situations where one parent is struggling with substance abuse, it is common for supervised visitation to take place. The bottom line is that you are almost certain to have some sort of co-parenting relationship.

Not Everything Is Worth Fighting Over

Divorce is expensive when you treat every decision or asset as something to be argued over. Legal fees – especially in litigated cases – add up quickly. It’s best for your pocketbook – and your emotions – to pick your battles.

Divorce Is Stressful

This is true even if you are looking forward to being divorced. A big life change like divorce is bound to come with its share of stress. One of the best ways to limit that stress is to have an experienced family law attorney showing you the way.