I got into a bar fight. Am I going to jail?

Wisconsin is no stranger to its love for celebration. Oftentimes, college students and sports fans find themselves in a bar scuffle, turned brawl after consuming too many drinks. One of the most common questions people ask is whether a bar fight will land them in jail. What people need to know is that it all depends on the circumstances.

Circumstances are everything when defending yourself against criminal charges of disorderly conduct. You can’t make any assumptions about any final consequences immediately following an event. An attorney will answer any questions you have and compare your claims against the laws and statutes that pertain to the situation.

Possible charges

Bar fights happen when emotions are out of control and there’s no personal restraint between two people. However, charges related to bar fights vary. Here is a list of possible charges:

Disturbing the peace – picking a fight with someone, using loud and foul language to instigate a fight with another person.

Assault – attempting to act violently towards another person, causing fear of physical injury in the other person.

Battery – using actual physical force on another person with the intention of causing mild to severe harm. When injuries are mild, a person charged with battery may only get a misdemeanor. But, when injuries are severe, a person could be charged with a felony.

Disorderly conduct – causing a public inconvenience when engaging in a verbal or physical fight with another person.

Most charges are classified at the “misdemeanor” level, and jail time may be replaced by paying a certain amount in fines. It all depends on the details of the situation and what resulted by the end of the event. These details need to be shared with your lawyer so they may best defend you before the court.