Is a settlement a good option for a car crash victim?

Not every lawsuit that is filed over personal injuries stemming from car crashes goes to court. Many cases are settled before they ever find themselves in front of judges. The settlement process is one option that victims of Wisconsin car crashes may pursue but readers are cautioned that settlement may not always be the best option. Those who have pending personal injury claims based on vehicle collisions may wish to speak with their attorneys before agreeing to settle their claims.

This is because a settlement may extinguish a victim’s right to ever pursue damages based on their losses in the future. While it is true that a settlement may provide a victim with a relatively quick resolution to their case and a potentially large lump sum payment, in exchange for securing such timely compensation the victim may have to waive their future right to sue on their settled claims.

Therefore, a settlement may not be in the best interest of all car crash victims. Those who will experience life-long consequences from their ordeals may not be adequately compensated through the settlement process if they are not expected to go back to work or if their conditions will require ongoing medical care.

For some victims a settlement after a car crash may be the best possible path to getting the help they need. For others, it may provide them with insufficient help to get their lives back on track. Every case will proceed based upon its own facts and therefore readers should find their own independent legal help to determine if settling their car crash claims is a responsible option.