Is it worth it to stay together for the kids?

Parents in the Oshkosh area who are in an unhappy marriage may worry about the effect a divorce will have on their children. This could lead to the decision to “stay together for the kids,” even though they may rather part ways. However, there are some ways that getting a divorce could actually benefit your children.

First, children pick up on their parents’ emotions. If mom and dad are unhappy, their children may be too. If parents are happier post-divorce, this could help set a positive tone in the child’s life, making the transition easier for them.

Similarly, parents who are constantly at war with one another create a tense atmosphere in the household. Once this tension is gone post-divorce, children may feel more relaxed.

If parents share joint custody, meaning the child resides with each of them and they share decision-making responsibility over the child, they will have to co-parent with one another. This means they will have to cooperate in raising their child together, necessitating good communication and mutual respect even though they are no longer in a relationship with one another. Parents who can model a supportive relationship post-divorce can help children adjust in a positive manner post-divorce.

In addition, joint custody allows a child to have a positive relationship with a parent who is fully present and focused on them and the time they share together. This is not only nurturing, but it can also show children that they will be fully taken care of by each parent, easing the post-divorce stress they may experience.

Ultimately, kids know when their parents are in an unhappy marriage. Parents in Wisconsin may worry that a divorce will harm their child, but this need not be the case. Whether parents share joint custody over the child, or whether one parent has sole custody and the other parent has visitation rights, it is possible to help your child grow and thrive post-divorce.