Local deputies warn motorists to slow down

With severe winter weather conditions sweeping across the upper Midwest, Oshkosh is not excluded from the winter weather storms and dangerous driving conditions. Nearby deputies in Fond Du Lac County have reported dozens of car crashes over the last several weeks of storm systems. Many are attributed to winter weather conditions, like snow, poor visibility and excessive speed for the driving conditions. This is a big reason why drivers are cautioned to slow down.

The most recent series of winter storms in the region, some are calling the “Polar Vortex” has affected hundreds across the region with record low temperatures, hazardous driving conditions and school closures among other winter weather advisories. Snow covered roads give way to ice underneath, which can easily cause car crashes and the injuries that are often attributed to them. Winter driving conditions do not take the duty of care out of the hands of the driver.

What this means is that poor winter driving conditions do not take the liability off the driver in terms of responsibility for car wreck injuries. For example, if a driver rear ends another vehicle and the occupants are injured, slippery conditions or not, they are still liable for those car crash injuries. The exception to this rule would be in their vehicle was stopped and another vehicle rear-ending that vehicle pushed them into the rear end of the next vehicle.

There does not seem to be an end in sight to the frequent snow storm conditions that cause icy roads and dangerous driving conditions for all on Oshkosh roads. Driving slowly and more cautiously is good advice by the highway patrol, but it does not eliminate a person’s risk for injury due to a car crash. For those who have already suffered car crash injuries, do not wait to take action.