Man in Wisconsin faces 8th drunk driving charge

It is easy to make assumptions. However, assumptions are often not fully supported by the evidence. In a criminal case, if there is not sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the person must be found not guilty. Other than previous drunk driving accusations against a Wisconsin man, it is unclear what evidence supports the allegation that he was intoxicated prior to his most recent arrest.

The events that led to the man’s arrest happened on a day in late December. According to reports, a deputy was patrolling a Wisconsin interstate just before 9 p.m. The deputy claims that a vehicle passed him going over the posted speed limit. He then claims that the driver was weaving in and out of traffic despite snowy conditions and reached speeds of 100 mph.

The deputy was ultimately able to pull over the man, reportedly a 47-year-old man with seven operating while intoxicated convictions on his record that occurred between 1994 and 2015. He was allegedly not compliant with the terms of his probation and had a felony arrest warrant. Police claim that he admitted to drinking — allegedly a violation of an absolute sobriety mandate.

The man is said to have participated in field sobriety tests. He was taken into custody, suspected of an eighth OWI offense. Unfortunately, he is in a serious legal predicament as a result of the drunk driving allegations made against him following the most recent incident. To help him respond, he may want an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting on his behalf.