Many Situations Can Lead to Distracted Driving

Learning to drive can be an overwhelming process for a Wisconsin teen, but by the time a person reaches adulthood, they may not think much about climbing into their car and starting up the engine. Undoubtedly, experience can make a driver more comfortable behind the wheel of their car, but no driver should ever deprioritize the importance of vigilance and preparedness when the operate a motor vehicle. When drivers allow comfort and distraction to enter their minds, they put themselves and others at risk of serious motor vehicle crashes.

Distracted driving is the practice of driving while engaged in a secondary activity. While once only grooming and eating served as driving distractions, now individuals must contend with the ever-present buzz of their smart phones while they motor down the road. Smart phones offer a host of functions that may distract drivers for different reasons. While some drivers may try to send text messages as they operate their cars, others may attempt to enter addresses in GPS services to figure out where they should go.

Technology is not the only thing that can take a driver’s focus off the road. Talking to passengers or on the phone, searching for something in their car, or even changing the station on the radio are activities that may cause a driver to pull their eyes off of the road and to something within their car.

When a driver is not watching where they are going, they may miss other cars, bicycles, or pedestrians in their path. They may not have enough time to avoid a preventable collision, and their failure to operate with care may result in injuries and losses for their victims. Distracted driving actions are common and tragic. Victims may wish to pursue their losses through civil litigation based on their personal injury damages.