Seeking Compensation For Those Injured In Distracted Driving Crashes

“Distracted driving” and “inattentive driving” are terms gaining widespread use as more and more car crashes are found to have been caused by people texting while driving — or otherwise engaged with their cell phones and handheld electronic devices. Effective December 1, 2010, a law went into effect prohibiting all Wisconsin drivers from composing or sending text messages while operating a motor vehicle on public roads.

At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, in Oshkosh you can work with an attorney prepared to prove what caused your crash and take strong action on your behalf. If you or a family member suffered personal injury in an crash caused by a texting driver — or a driver you believe was distracted by any other activity in his or her car — the compensation you receive could well depend on your lawyer’s skill and resourcefulness.

Advocating For Victims Of Dangerous Driving Behavior Across Wisconsin

Although text messaging is gaining popularity across many age groups, college and high school students are especially avid, increasing the risk of distracted driving crashes in busy, student-heavy areas. Many semi-truck drivers and other commercial vehicle drivers also have onboard telecommunication devices that can create a serious distraction.

Not all serious negligence on the road is as widely recognized for its dangers as drunk driving or even speeding. If you believe cell phone use or some other distraction caused your crash, we want to know about it — and we are prepared to obtain cell phone records or call on qualified investigators to prove what happened.

Following Through To Demonstrate The Cause Of Your Crash

Our personal injury practice covers the spectrum of crash circumstances — including car, pedestrian and bicycle crashes caused by inattentive drivers. We have a professional legal team devoted to understanding your medical and personal needs, whether you are coping with soft-tissue injuries such as whiplash and bruising or a life-altering brain or spinal cord injury. You can also count on us to seek the best available vehicle damage settlement.

If your situation may call for an Oshkosh-area driving crash lawyer, please contact our dedicated team today by calling 920-335-1413. We offer a free case evaluation and full-service legal representation on a “no fee if no recovery” basis.