A Lawyer With In-Depth Insurance Knowledge

One of the most frustrating experiences any consumer can have is an insurance claim denial or “low-ball” settlement offer. It is natural to feel extreme disappointment and anger when you have paid premiums and believed you had solid coverage, only to be questioned when you finally need the company to hold up its end of the contract.

At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, we help Wisconsin car crash victims overcome disputes with their insurance companies every working day. Whether you are coping with moderate injuries and damage to your car or a disabling, life-changing medical condition such as paralysis, limb loss or a brain injury, we are here to help in any way we can.

Legal Guidance And Advocacy You Can Trust

Our lawyers are committed to running a law practice that emphasizes clear, compassionate communication. We will take your needs and goals seriously, offering guidance to help you get a better result on your own or stepping in to advocate aggressively on your behalf. It can be critical to recognize that:

  • Whatever promises were made or implied in the past, your insurance adjuster’s objective is likely to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible.
  • After any injury-causing car crash, it is worth it to seek counsel from an experienced lawyer before you make any statements to insurance company representatives.
  • You may face pressure to settle your claim prematurely, before your long-term medical condition and other impacts of your motor vehicle crash can be accurately evaluated.

Targeting Fair, Substantial Settlements For Injury And Crash Victims

We are adept at handling insurance claim denials and disputes through negotiation based on the facts — with full awareness of insurers’ strategies for denying and minimizing claims. Our comprehensive services include investigation of your crash if fault is disputed, definitely establishing whether insurance coverage applies and offering guidance on when and whether to accept a settlement offer.

Turn To Our Firm For A Free, No-Risk Case Evaluation

Whatever your situation after an auto, bicycle or pedestrian crash, we will apply our legal knowledge and experience to help you recover all the compensation you deserve. To tell your story to a proven Oshkosh insurance claim denial attorney with a track record of winning results, please call 920-335-1413 or contact us online now.