Holding Commercial Trucking Companies Accountable

While driving home from work or school, no one expects to get into a car crash. However, some things are unfortunately out of our control. Though we should do our best to maintain control of our motor vehicle for our own personal safety and that of other drivers and pedestrians alike, not all people behind the wheel assume that same level of responsibility. With that being said, even the most safe and cautious of drivers may experience an crash at some point in their life time. Often, this incident occurs by no fault of their own. Though we can not determine the decisions of others, nor go back in time to change events of the past, what we can do is control how we respond when faced with unexpected scenarios. If you or a loved one has been involved in an crash, time is of the essence. Acting quickly is the most secure way to treat injuries and begin your recovery process. Usually, the period following an crash may also involve some discourse with the insurance company of the at fault driver. That process can be even more complex though, if the bodily harm or vehicle damage was caused by a commercial truck or trailer. 

An 18-wheel commercial truck should be used to transport goods. As wisconsin motorists, in a state of sweeping highways, and many long and winding roads, encounters with these utility vehicles are common. We expect these drivers to make it to their destination, whether a retailer, warehouse, or other outlet, to fulfill their delivery. Unfortunately though, that is not always the case. Personal vehicles, such as Sedans and SUVs sported by the everyday motorist, already weigh tons upon tons, and can cause major damage in collisions, especially following high speeds. That impact is compounded when a large truck carrying trailers and cargo is involved in a wreck on our roads. The reason why a special license is required in order to have the ability to operate such a massive vehicle is because it takes a certain skill to maneuver the roads safely. Sometimes though, inclement weather or obstructed vision due to construction can impact the conditions of the roads. Other times, sharp turns or narrow roadways can cause difficulties for these larger vehicles to navigate. In many cases, increased traffic as population rises and people return to work simply creates a lack of space for safe merging of these vehicles. Truck drivers normally work long hours, and can often experience fatigue or drowsiness on the road, which may cause for them to lose control of their vehicle. In any case, the overwhelming responsibility of operating such a massive machine unfortunately can cause major crashes —  but commercial trucks and trailers should not serve as a deadly weapon on the roads of Wisconsin. 

Being involved in a collision of such magnitude is a situation that should be handled with professionalism, in order to ensure that you are fairly compensated for any damage, bodily harm, and the potential of care following the crash. At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC in Oshkosh, we hold truck drivers and their employers responsible when inattentiveness, impairment or loss of control results in disaster.

A truck driver failing to adhere to governing federal regulations puts you and your family at risk. Contact us at 920-335-1413.

Your Life Can Be Changed Forever Following A Truck Crash

When a semitractor-trailer collides with your car, the results are usually catastrophic. The weight of the truck combined with the impact speed could result in serious injury for you or the death of a loved one. Careers end. Personal lives are changed forever.

With so much at stake, why would you try to resolve the case on your own?

Do Not Resolve a Truck Crash Claim on Your Own

Insurance companies may coerce you into settling, but do not make any decisions before contacting a personal injury attorney at our firm We encourage all clients to resist the temptation of a quick payoff. You may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries you have suffered, and the trucking company is unlikely to pay you a fair amount if you don’t have a lawyer.

We Get To The Facts And Team With Experts

Taking a fact-based approach to a truck crash case means that we secure data that includes log records and black box information if available. We also team with vocational experts and economists to assess the long-term effects of your injuries. That includes the job you have and the income you could have earned if the crash had never occurred.

Contact An Oshkosh Truck Crash Attorney

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced personal injury lawyer, please contact us by email or by calling 920-335-1413. As a team of experienced truck crash attorneys, or law firm is willing to take all truck crash cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid until we get money for you, our truck crash victims. Our law office is here to provide legal advice in Oshkosh Wisconsin to those embarking on what can be a complex journey in a case that involves personal injury. An attorney in Oshkosh from our competent staff will do their due diligence in ensuring that all responsible parties in your incident are held accountable, and financially cover your medical expenses and any other accrued personal costs resulting from your unfortunate experience. It is important that those at fault for any injuries or pain and suffering caused to you accept responsibility for their actions to the fullest extent.