An Advocate For Cyclists Injured In Crashes

Have you been injured in a bicycle crash? The law office of Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, can help. One of our founding lawyers, David Sparr, is an avid road biker, and is familiar with what bicycle riders have to contend with when using local streets and highways. As a bicycle rider using the road, you are a vehicle that belongs on the road and should be treated as such by motorists. If you have been injured while riding due to a careless or inattentive vehicle driver, contact our law office today for a free initial consultation.

Our office has experience with multiple bicycle victims’ claims and have handled them successfully on a regular basis. Whether you’ve been biking for years, or are a beginner, you could suffer a serious injury as a result of a motorist’s carelessness. Even if you think the crash may have been your fault, you should speak to an attorney at our firm to have the situation fully examined.

Although there are several laws a motorist must follow when approaching or passing a bicyclist, most crashes injuring bicyclists involve a motor vehicle. The most common crashes involve:

  • Motorists not yielding the right-of-way while making left or right turns
  • Cars pulling out from a side street or driveway directly into your right-of-way
  • Losing your balance as a result of the wind (Draft or slip streams) of a passing car or truck
  • Cars and trucks not giving you enough room to stay on the road, causing you to be clipped by outside mirrors or cargo
  • Cars and trucks towing trailers and not allowing adequate clearance
  • People in parked cars opening car doors into your path

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At our Fox River Valley Law Office located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we have dealt with many bicycle crash cases. We know how to help victims of any kind of serious injury recover compensation. Injuries often include back injury, neck injury, broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord injury, paralysis, amputation, paraplegia or quadriplegia.

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