Advocating For Seriously Injured Motorcyclists

With or without a helmet, you could suffer serious injuries in a motorcycle accident. At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we understand the plight of the motorcyclist in merely being seen on the road. Know that your perceived “invisibility” is not your fault. We fight to hold the responsible party accountable. After a motorcycle crash in Winnebago County WI, the police department should begin investigating the crash as soon as you are transported to a local hospital.

When You’re Injured In An Accident That’s Not Your Fault, And No One Seems To Care – We Can Help

Do not allow an inexperienced personal injury attorney handle your motorcycle accident claim. Motorcyclists suffer life threatening injuries that require professional attention, and an accident investigation team in in Oshkosh WI. You may be entitled to compensation based upon the full extent of your injuries. Taking your case is not about securing a quick settlement. We fiercely advocate for our injured clients. Contact us at 920-335-1413.

Leisure Turning To Tragedy

Leisurely motorcycle rides can take a tragic turn when drivers of cars and trucks are not paying attention to the road. That negligence could result in serious injuries for you or the death of a family member. Emotional distress and mounting medical bills following the motorcycle accident only adds to the physical pain. Insurance companies prey on the hurt and fearful, convincing them that a quick settlement is the best step toward resolution, without contacting any of the Oshkosh police that may have been on the scene, or opening a fuller investigation with the Oshkosh police department.

The Need For Tireless And Diligent Representation

A hastily accepted offer from an insurance company may not be the resolution you need. At our firm, we are tireless and aggressive advocates in protecting your rights. We review all aspects of your motorcycle accident case and identify the negligent acts that resulted in your serious injuries. Then, we go after the person at fault to get compensation for you.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a head injury or wrongful death resulting from a bike crash, please contact us. We take all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid until we get money for you.