Skilled At Representing Clients Injured In Boating Crashes

All our law firm’s offices in Oshkosh, we are situated where recreation on the water is a big part of life for many. Unfortunately, there is risk on our lakes just as on our roadways. Boating and personal watercraft crashes can cause serious injuries and raise critical questions about liability and insurance coverage.

If a boat crash or Jet Ski crash has injured you or a family member on Oshkosh’s Lake Winnebago, in Door County, or elsewhere statewide, please contact our firm for caring legal guidance.

Thorough Investigation And Skilled Legal Action

Our lawyers have handled numerous recreational crash cases, and we are prepared and ready to:

  • Call on experts as needed to establish evidence of negligence such as drunk boating or reckless boating
  • Find and analyze all applicable insurance coverage — including your own coverage under umbrella policies — and other possible sources of financial recovery for you
  • Obtain just, fair compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other damages — whether you have moderate injuries, serious and life-changing injuries or must move on after the tragic wrongful death of a family member

Determined To Make A Difference For Victims Of Crashes On The Water

Our focused professional team will prioritize your maximum recovery and your best interests.

At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, we get involved with our clients and devote our energies to helping in every way we can. From a free case evaluation through every phase of your case, you can count on being cared for and kept informed. Working with us involves no added financial risk in this difficult time for you, because you will owe no attorney fees unless and until we win compensation that benefits you. Call us today at 920-335-1413.