Representing Clients In A Number Of Serious Injury Cases

Our legal team is dedicated to helping people who have been hurt through no fault of their own. We strive to recover compensation for your injuries. Led by our experienced attorneys, our approach to personal injury cases is informed, thorough and personally attentive.

While we handle many auto crash cases involving moderate soft-tissue injuries, our experience also extends to case-building, negotiations and litigation for families grieving a wrongful death or struggling to cope with life-changing injuries and disability.

Contact our Oshkosh office for a free case evaluation. We take the time to fully understand the physical, emotional and financial impacts of a tragic crash and take the proper legal action.

Neenah Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Equipped with extensive insurance knowledge and access to a network of qualified physicians, investigators and other experts, we go the distance to help our clients recover medical costs, replace lost wages and cope with other consequences of serious personal injury. You can turn to us for counsel and representation after an crash resulting in:

  • Brain injuries, including a clear traumatic brain injury (TBI) or one that becomes apparent over time with the onset of headaches, memory problems, concentration issues and other symptoms
  • Head, neck and back injuries, including herniated disks, paralysis and other spinal cord injuries that can be work-ending or permanently incapacitating
  • Burn injuries suffered in a fire or explosion, with consequences sometimes including severe scarring, disfigurement, loss of function and the need for reconstructive surgery
  • Whiplash injuries suffered after a rear-end collision or any other car crash
  • Amputations and loss of limb crashs

Legal Knowledge And Extensive Resources To Help You Recover In Wisconsin

Dealing with a serious personal injury may mean multiple surgeries, long-term rehabilitation or full-time care, adaptive equipment and an inability to work. Collaborating with economists, life care planners and other qualified resources, we build strong, successful cases based on a thorough evaluation of our clients’ immediate and long-term needs.

Settlement Demand Preparation — Protecting Your Interests

We conduct a thorough investigation of your situation in order to properly prepare a settlement demand for insurance adjusters. By doing this, we are able to be prepared to take your case to trial if the insurance company is unreasonable. We are also prepared to make an early settlement for you, which saves you time and money.

Our demand explains, in detail, what your case is worth, why we think it is worth that much, and it is supported by documentation. This preparation leads to settlements in more than 90 percent of our cases.

Caring About You And Building Your Case For Maximum Compensation

If you or a family member needs counsel from an Oshkosh serious personal injury attorney, please call us at 920-335-1413 or email our law firm today. We want to help you recover compensation that allows you to regain stability and move forward in life, as we have done for thousands of other injured individuals and families over the years.