Protecting The Claims Of Those With Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can occur in many different types of crashes. The common factors for victims are severe, lasting pain, a need for costly medical care and rehabilitation, and the potential for scarring and disfigurement.

If you or a family member has suffered burns in a fire, explosion, electrical crash or any other catastrophic event, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to assess what happened, call upon experts for investigation and analysis if necessary, and examine options you may have for getting compensation that helps you recover. At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC,  in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, you can benefit from a free case evaluation.

Thorough Investigation, Attentive Counsel And Strong Advocacy You Can Trust

We are equipped to evaluate your potential case after:

  • A fire, explosion, chemical crash or any other event resulting in burn injuries
  • An auto crash leading to a gas tank explosion or any other car fire
  • A home or apartment fire you believe may have been due to negligent construction, repairs, maintenance or a defective product such as a water heater or any other home appliance
  • An crash at someone’s home leading to a fire or electrical crash and burn injuries

Benefit From In-Depth Insurance Knowledge And Access To Expert Resources

Our assets as a personal injury law firm include extensive insurance knowledge and a track record of success in complex cases across the spectrum of crash and injury types. Above all, we offer genuine client focus and personal attention: If we take on your case, that means we believe in your case and will deliver all the effort required to seek an outcome that helps you move forward in life.

To Discuss What Happened And Your Legal Options, Call 920-335-1413

To speak directly with an Oshkosh area burn injury attorney about what happened to you and legal recourse you may have, please call 920-335-1413 or email us today. No financial risk is involved, since we charge no attorney fees until we obtain a settlement or win at trial for you.