Dealing With The Difficulty Of Neck And Back Injuries

An X-ray or CT scan may fail to detect physical damage following an crash. However, that may not indicate the extent of your injuries. Some latent injuries are difficult to diagnose at first but that does not mean that your suffering is not real. At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we are skilled and accomplished at securing compensation for our clients who have suffered head, back and neck injuries.

Soft tissue injuries cannot be discounted as minor. The challenges in proper healing can bring long-term problems to an injured individual. You need a knowledgeable and seasoned personal injury attorney at your side to help prove your claim. Contact us at 920-335-1413.

We advocate for clients who are injured in various types of crashes, including:

Do Not Settle For Less

We are well aware that injured individuals can be under compensated when objective evidence of injury is difficult to uncover. You were in a car crash caused by an inattentive or impaired driver. You feel pain because of a back, neck or head injury. You have difficulty moving around in your home or at work. Yet, nothing shows up on an X-ray or scan.

Getting The Data We Need To Build Your Case

In handling a case involving soft tissue injuries or whiplash, we attend to all the details and counsel our clients on the need for medical care. Continual visits to the doctor will help prove your case. That includes making your scheduled appointments. Those efforts help your treating physician document your injuries and your progress.

We need that data to build your case. A lack of information or gaps in time between appointments only raises suspicion with an insurance adjuster. Our focus is on building head, back or neck injury cases based on the facts.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced personal injury lawyer, please contact us. We take all head, back and neck injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid until we get money for you.