What Is Next For You Following A Work-Ending Injury?

A drive through the country. A trip to the lake. A snowmobile outing. All these leisurely activities can take a tragic and life-changing turn without warning. At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we represent clients who find themselves unable to continue in their careers following an crash caused by negligence.

If you are unable to perform the most basic job functions following a crash, you need to immediately protect your rights and secure aggressive representation. We can get you to vocational or medical experts who can help you recover and who will document the extent of your injury. That is where we come in to help hard-working clients throughout the state of Wisconsin. Contact us 920-335-1413.

Advocates For Victims Of Work-Ending Injuries

At Sparr, Belville & Brown, LLC, we represent clients who have suffered a work-ending injury from the following:

Don’t Resolve Your Work-Ending Injury Claim On Your Own

Back injuries or brain damage following a mishap can bring an abrupt end to your professional life. You may be the primary earner in your family increasing the suffering your family feels in the aftermath. The responsible party’s insurance company may exploit your pain and fear of the future by getting you to settle for a quick payout when you are in a difficult financial situation. That expedited check will likely not cover all the damages you suffered, now and in the future.

You need an advocate if you have been disabled or are on limited duty. You need a spokesperson following a work-ending injury. Handling a claim of this complex nature on your own may not be your best course of action. Let an attorney at our firm stand by your side. We can help because we are experienced in this area of personal injury law, we have access to a network of vocational experts and doctors, and we care.

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