Sobering statistics on motorcycle collisions

An accident involving any type of vehicle can be a tragic and deadly event. From large trucks to small sedans, all types of automobiles can be significantly damaged and cause grave injuries to those Wisconsin residents who are inside of them. Riders of motorcycles, though, seem to suffer harm at the hands of other drivers at a higher rate than other types of motorists.

Only about one out of every three motorcycle accidents is caused by motorcyclists, which means that the majority of collisions involving these two-wheeled crafts are caused by drivers in other types of automobiles. Additionally, motorcyclists who are unfortunate enough to become victims of vehicle accidents are 26 times more likely to lose their lives than accident victims who were riding in enclosed vehicles. This is due in part to the fact that motorcycles do not provide their riders with structural protection to help them survive their collisions.

Motorcycles may then be at the mercy of other drivers’ care and competence when they get on the road. Drivers are expected to operate in accordance with their duty of responsibility, and when they fail in that duty innocent lives can be threatened. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by inattentive drivers, reckless drivers, and other drivers who simply do not look out for smaller vehicles when they are behind the wheels of their cars.

Surviving a motorcycle accident can be a feat on its own, but putting one’s life back together in the wake of such a collision can be an even more trying experience. A personal injury lawyer can help a motorcycle victim advocate for their rights and needs to secure the compensation they deserve.