The aftermath of the 131 vehicle pile-up on Interstate 41

Spring is officially here, and Wisconsin residents couldn’t be gladder. However, don’t let the calendar deceive you. In our neck of the woods, sudden winter storms can hit – even in spring. The most recent blizzard left 131 vehicles piled up on Interstate 41, near Oshkosh. Sadly, one man was killed in the wreck, with several dozen others injured.

Those involved in the car crash report being in several collisions in the span of several minutes while the crashes unfolded. It’s been called the largest traffic crash in state history. Determining the sequence of events will take time, but weather is a huge factor. Whiteout, blizzard-like conditions turned visibility to nothing, leaving people with no time to foresee the stopped vehicles in front of them.

Winds were reported to have been gusting to 40-5mph. A mass casualty plan that was previously put in place by first-responders and the hospital allowed those to get medical attention in a manner that wasn’t complete chaos. Although, first responders had trouble going on foot to so many vehicles in the weather conditions that day. A full investigation can help to determine fault and the sequence of events that caused the multiple car wrecks, a fatality and the serious injuries that day.

The man who lost his life was a teacher at local schools, only 30 years old. The family will certainly be seeking answers about his death and to find fault, where the investigation indicates it may be. The many others injured are likely seeking answers to their medical issues as well. Personal injury suits can help to rectify the issues that those who suffer car crash injuries experience.