The Holidays Aren’t Joyous For Every Household

Chances are you look forward to this time of year. The holiday season is a wonderful time to share with family and friends, making memories that will last the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, the holidays are also a time of domestic strife for many. Accusations of domestic violence and battery go up around holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s and even Super Bowl Sunday.

Potential reasons for this increase include:

  • The financial stress of shopping for gifts
  • The stress of planning and hosting holiday gatherings
  • Strained couples spending more time together
  • Increased consumption of alcohol
  • The reopening of old wounds involving extended family

While there is not one definitive reason for the increase of domestic incidents during the holiday season, one thing is certain: law enforcement is not going to be feeling festive if they are called to your home.

Whether a spat got out of hand or you are the victim of a terrible misunderstanding, a domestic violence charge exposes you to criminal penalties like jail time and fines as well as the collateral consequences that come with a domestic violence conviction. Collateral consequences include no-contact orders that keep you away from your family home and your children, as well as restrictions on alcohol consumption and firearms possession.

You will not be able to talk your way out of your predicament. Even if your spouse retracts their accusation, you can still be charged, convicted and sentenced. The only way to avoid the damage of a domestic violence conviction is to make sure you seek the advice and representation of an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.