Tips for Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle This Year

It’s so close you can already feel the warm breeze through your hair and feel the exhilaration that comes from hitting the open road on your favorite bike.

That’s right, the season of chills and cabin fever is about to make way for spring and your motorcycle will be out of storage before you know it. Before you hit the road, check out the following safety tips and avoid becoming a motorcycle crash statistic.

Check the Weather Forecast Before Your Ride

Our spring weather can change in a hurry. Make sure you know what to expect and be prepared for the forecasted weather before you decide to go for a ride.

Wear Proper Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle safety equipment, including helmets, is more fashionable and comfortable than ever. Make sure your equipment is up to snuff or, if you haven’t been using it, check out the latest offerings.

Obey Traffic Rules and Drive Defensively

You cannot control what inattentive drivers do, but you can make sure you are following the rules, signaling your intentions, and driving defensively to stay safe.

Be as Visible as Possible

Do everything in your power to stay out of blind spots, keep your headlights on at all times, wear reflective or bright clothing, and always use signals (electronic and/or hand).

One Last Piece of Advice

We’ll leave you with some advice that we hope you never need to follow: If you or a loved one gets hurt through no fault of your own, make your first call count and get in touch with an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer.