Two women charged with battery of Wisconsin state Senator

Two Wisconsin women, one a high school social worker and the other a physical therapist, are facing felony battery charges.  The women were involved in a protest which turned violent outside the state Capitol.

Senate Democrat was outside the Capitol allegedly filming the protest The 26-year-old social worker approached him, she claims, only to ask him to stop filming.  She states, however, that others assaulted him with a “sucker punch.”  The 33-year-old physical therapist claims that she did not commit any crime, a claim that is corroborated by her attorney who states there is little to no evidence against her.

Both women have been charged with substantial battery.  In the state of Wisconsin, if indicted on this charge, a Defendant may be sentenced to up to three and a half years in prison, and up to $10,000 in fines.  It is a felony charge that will potentially affect future employment, residence, or other matters.

If a person chooses to take part in any type of protest, he or she should not only know their rights going in, but also should document any evidence that could potentially discredit any type of criminal charge that may be imposed.  It is of utmost importance that innocence can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt when situation such as this one arise.  Most importantly, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to prevent any further incrimination.