Untreated medical conditions can cause serious truck crashes

When you’re commuting to work, a social gathering, or simply running an errand, the other motorists on the road are driving safely, right? Probably not. At least not all of them. Far too many motorists are distracted, drowsy, or drunk. This can leave you susceptible to being involved in a serious motor vehicle crash that turns your life upside down. Severe injuries can result in extensive pain and suffering, extensive medical expenses, and costly lost wages.

Amongst those victims who suffer the most harm are those who are involved in truck crashes. These massive trucks, when negligently driven, can destroy a passenger vehicle and the lives inside. Although a fair number of truckers are distracted or drunk, there may be others whose medical conditions pose a threat to others.

Take sleep apnea as an example. This medical condition causes breathing disruptions during sleep, causing a sufferer to wake up as many as 400 times per night. This fitful sleep can lead to severe tiredness and fatigue which, in truckers, can spell extreme danger, especially considering the fact that they spend more hours on the road than the average motorist.

What is particularly scary about medical conditions like sleep apnea in the trucking context is the fact that federal regulators don’t monitor them. While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration disallows truckers from operating their rigs if a medical condition interferes with their driving ability, this essentially turns into an honor system when the fact of the matter is that many truckers either fail to recognize or ignore the effects of their medical condition.

What does this mean for someone who has been injured in a truck crash? It means that he or she needs to be diligent in investigating the cause of the wreck in question. This can be a cumbersome and stressful job, but one that victims don’t have to go at alone.