What are some common causes of truck crashes?

Large trucks, such as semi-trucks and delivery trucks, are a common sight on the roads throughout America, including Wisconsin. Unfortunately, that also means that truck crashes are common as well.

The difference between truck crashes and crashes that involve only passenger vehicles is that, although the risk of injury exists in both, the risk of severe injuries and even fatalities can be much higher in truck crashes. The reason is probably obvious to our readers: the sheer size of large trucks means that the damage that results from a collision with these types of vehicles can be devastating.

So, what are some common causes of truck crashes? Well, some of the causes are similar to the causes of most car crashes: distracted driving, drunk driving and drowsy driving. Like all of us, truck drivers are not immune to the buzz of the cellphone, causing them to reach away from the steering wheel, look away from the road and become distracted from the task of driving. Distracted driving is increasingly becoming a serious concern on our nation’s roads, and truck drivers can be part of the problem.

When it comes to drowsy driving, truck drivers may be at a greater risk when compared to other drivers. This is because truck drivers log lots of miles and hours on the road in one sitting, oftentimes after not getting an adequate amount of rest. And, although drunk driving is probably less common among truck drivers who are on the job, it is still a concern.

Some causes of crashes that are specific to large trucks are improper training and improper loading. Truck drivers receive special types of licenses to operate the large vehicles, but if they don’t know what they are doing behind the wheel the risk of crashes is obvious. And, if a large truck’s load is not property loaded or secured, the truck could tip or be harder to stop.

Following a truck crash, it is important to be aware of your rights and options. A victim could take action through a personal injury action, helping them hold a negligent truck driver accountable for the harms suffered.