What do Wisconsin residents need to know about “gray divorce”?

Any divorcing couple in Wisconsin will have a wide range of issues to address in the legal case, including: child custody, child support, property division and alimony, among others. While the facts of any given divorce case vary greatly depending on the couple, the legal process that must be accomplished to end the marriage is similar for most couples. However, the rising phenomenon of “gray divorce” may present unique issues. So, what do our readers in Wisconsin need to know about “gray divorce”?

Well, for starters, as a recent news article noted, it is important to understand what “gray divorce” is and why it is seemingly on the rise. The term “gray divorce” refers to the fact that older couples, oftentimes 55-years-old or older, are seemingly seeing a rise in the number divorces in this particular demographic range. Certain factors may be contributing to the rise in gray divorces, including a greater sense of financial security and the fact that many older Americans are seeing a longer life expectancy. These factors, among others, may embolden unhappy couples to make a significant life change, which a divorce undoubtedly is.

But, these older couples may face some unique issues, as the recent article pointed out. Retirement accounts that contain significant funds is usually a big issue during the property division process, while health insurance needs may also be a concern. Alimony can become a big fight as well, particularly if one of the spouses retired early or has already scaled back on participation in the workforce.

Older couples in Wisconsin who are contemplating divorce need to know that they may have a very different experience in the legal process than a younger couple might have. Getting the right legal information about the available options is crucial.