What is Roommate Marriage and Why Does it Happen?

Roommate marriage occurs when you and your partner seem to cross the line from relationship to friendship without even noticing. You start to lose intimacy, affection, and passion toward your partner and become roommates more than spouses. Why does it happen?

1. No Boundaries

Whether you are dealing with a friendly or romantic relationship, boundaries are essential. Even if you are married, you still have the right to privacy, personal goals, and your life. You can still go out with your friends, have a private phone call, or spend time with your parents alone. Do not throw away all boundaries because you are in a committed relationship.

2. Incompatibility

Yes, opposites attract. But not in all cases. Sadly, many marriages fail because couples realize they are not suitable for each other in the first place.

3. Sexual Differences

The sexual similarity is more important in a relationship than you may think. For example, if one partner feels pressured to be sexual to make their partner happy, they may in turn become unhappy themselves. They may even feel guilty and like they are not enough.

4. Turning Against Emotional Bids

An emotional bid is an attempt by a partner to show the other affection, attention, or any form of positive connection. Studies show that partners who last the longest in marriage turn towards their partner’s emotional bid 86% of the time.