What kinds of injuries can car crash victims sustain?

The forces that are involved in an automobile collision can be incredibly strong and very damaging. When two vehicles collide on a Wisconsin road, the intensity of the crash can be compounded by the vehicles’ speeds and trajectories. Vehicles are often destroyed in collisions, and the forces that tear apart metal and glass can also inflict serious injuries on the drivers and passengers who are inside of the demolished automobiles.

As such, car crash victims can suffer many different types of injuries. Concussions are not uncommon in vehicle crashes because there are many different surfaces on which individuals can strike their heads when their cars experience significant reductions in speed. Even if a vehicle has seatbelts and airbags in place, a victim may still suffer a head injury in a collision.

Broken bones and abrasions are also common injuries that car crash victims may suffer in collisions. Victims can suffer crushing injuries when impacts collapse their vehicles around them, and cuts can occur when glass from windows shatter and fall on victims inside of the affected cars.

More serious injuries are also possible when vehicles are involved in collisions. A victim may suffer damage to their spinal cord; spinal cord damage can lead to paralysis and other serious complications. Organ damage and brain injuries can also occur during collisions and can leave victims with permanent medical needs.

After a vehicle crash it is important that a victim seeks immediate medical attention, even if they do not believe that their injuries are serious. Seeing a doctor can help a victim begin their recovery, ensure that no serious issues are missed and help the victim build a case for their crash-related damages that they may pursue through a personal injury claim.