What victims can do after receiving a dog bite

Dogs are often known as a human’s best friend. However, some k-9s can display bad behavior and when one attacks and bites a bystander, the victim may want to act fast.

The pressure from a dog’s front teeth is enough to penetrate the skin, which can create open and jagged wounds that, if not dealt with properly, could lead to a severe infection, landing victims in the hospital.

Steps victims can take

After receiving a dog bite, they may want to consider:

  • Seeking medical attention: Depending on the severity of the wound, those injured may wish to have it examined by a medical professional, as some dogs have not received proper vaccination and may contain certain diseases.
  • Exchanging information with owner: By swapping contact information with the owner, those injured can remain informed about the dog’s medical history.
  • Calling animal control: Contacting a local animal control agency can help identify the dog and prevent it from harming others in the future.
  • Getting contact information from witnesses: In case of potential litigation, witnesses can help provide a more accurate testimony. They are also beneficial when filing insurance claims.

Those injured deserve compensation

Getting attacked by a dog can be both traumatizing and dangerous. For those who have endured severe wounds or infections from a dog bite, an experienced personal injury attorney in Wisconsin can help victims take their case to court and get them the compensation they deserve.