Wisconsin community supports family after fatal car crash

Because many people in Wisconsin spend a great deal of their time behind the wheel of a vehicle, some drivers may take the act of driving for granted. It is so commonplace, many overlook the potential harm they could cause if they do not remain vigilant and focused on the task at hand at all times. Unfortunately, one family has experienced firsthand the harm that an crash can cause after they lost a family member in a fatal car crash.  

The incident reportedly happened one morning on a day in February. According to reports, the 53-year-old victim had just dropped his children off at school and was on his way to work. He was reportedly headed north.

Unfortunately, the driver of a southbound vehicle is said to have lost control, causing a collision that was “nearly head-on.” The driver of the first vehicle required extraction from his vehicle and was pronounced dead after he was transported to the hospital. The driver of the second vehicle was injured but is expected to survive. Both drivers were reportedly wearing their seat belts; it is unclear what charges — if any — are expected as a result of the crash.

While friends of one of the deceased victim’s children has helped raise money, many families in Wisconsin face a great deal of financial uncertainty following a fatal car crash such as this. Funeral expenses, lost wages and medical bills can quickly become overwhelming, especially during a period of grief. Because the last thing on the minds of grieving family members should be how they will pay their bills, many who lost their loved one as a result of the negligence of someone else ask an experienced personal injury attorney to advise them regarding their options, potentially including filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the parties deemed responsible.