Wisconsin man accused of drunk driving

Anyone who has driven with children in the vehicle likely knows that they can be distracting. Often, something as innocuous as handing a child a snack or drink could cause a driver to momentarily swerve or even lost control of the vehicle. Unfortunately, such an action could be viewed as drunk driving by those who may witness it. In fact, a man in Wisconsin was recently charged with OWI while two children were in his vehicle.

The incident that led to the man’s arrest reportedly happened one evening on a day in late September. Troopers say that they received several calls about a driver who was reportedly unable to maintain his lane. One report even claimed that the driver struck a pole before continuing.

Troopers say they pulled over the vehicle in question. Following a field sobriety test, the man was placed under arrest. Reports indicate that there were two passengers in the vehicle under the age of 16. These passenger were reportedly released to a responsible party. The driver was transported to the hospital for a blood draw before being transported to jail.

Drunk driving is a serious accusation and can come with with significant personal, professional and financial ramifications. Because many people have little legal experience, they are often unsure of their options and how to address the allegations against them. To ensure that he is fully prepared to make the decisions that he is facing, this Wisconsin man may choose to seek guidance from a criminal defense attorney with experience with such charges.