Your Licenses Could Be Restricted if You Fail to Pay Child Support

You may think you are saving money by not paying your child support. This is entirely false. You can face harsh license restrictions if you fail to pay your child support in Wisconsin. These are the licenses that may be affected:

– Driver’s

– Occupational

– Professional

– Recreational

– Business

In Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a 90-day delinquency threshold for people who fail to comply with a subpoena or warrant. They must pay delinquent support or make satisfactory alternative payment arrangements to get their license reinstated. There is only one exception to these rules: the suspension period may not exceed five years.

How Does Child Support Relate to Driving?

Driving privileges and child support are unrelated, so it seems odd that you can lose your licenses due to failure to pay. Although, this repercussion is used as an incentive to make you pay fully and consistently since driving is so crucial in today’s world.

Can The Suspension Be Fought?

Yes, you can fight a license suspension, but it is challenging. It would be best if you worked with an experienced attorney to lessen the impact of these restrictions. For example, you can request a restricted license allowing you to travel between work and home to maintain employment and pay child support. Although your freedom will be limited, you will still have a source of income and maintain employment.

If you or a loved one faces license restrictions due to failure to pay child support, we are here to help you. Our attorneys have extensive experience in family law and would be honored to help you with your case. Contact us at 920-332-5833 so we can get started as soon as possible.